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Method founders innovate with new factory in Chicago

Zach Mortice for Autodesk’s Line//Shape//Space, compares railcar manufacturer George Pullman to the Method founders Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, who both came to the South Side of Chicago, utilizing unusual methods of architecture to create a property for high-tech manufacturing.

A closer look behind the walls of product transparency

-By Tish Tablan & Stacy Glass – It is not as easy as it may seem for a manufacturer to disclose to the public a complete list of all product ingredients. Manufacturers may not actually know everything that is in their products, and they need cooperation from the entire supply chain in order to inventory all the ingredients. Suppliers of chemicals, plastics and other component materials are understandably protective of their proprietary formulations, and there is little incentive for them to share their ingredients with their customers.


With over 60 Cradle to Cradle Certified formulation, Method has committed to using the Cradle to Cradle framework to evaluate and optimize ingredients to be healthy for use in the home and in water systems.

Ingredients for a Healthy Business

–By Tish Tablan- Recent commitments by major consumer brands will hopefully have a ripple effect in their industries and inspire more companies to follow suit. These formulation improvements can be critical for businesses to win over customers in a climate where environmental and consumer advocacy groups are becoming more vocal about seeing these changes happen.