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PET Water Bottle Certified for Aguas Cristalinas

The following PET water bottles and caps from Aguas Cristalinas in Panama have been certified at the BRONZE level. Aguas Cristalinas 12 oz bottle and cap, Aguas Cristalinas 20 oz […]

Cradle to Cradle book highlighted in survey of seminal works

Adam Rome, professor of history and English and the Unidel Helen Gouldner Chair for the Environment at the University of Delaware in Newark, recently published on article on, highlighting five books that first made sustainability a public issue in the 1960s and 1970s.

A Conversation with William McDonough: Endless is More

In the latest installment of The McDonough Conversations, Joel Makower and William McDonough discuss the history of sustainable design and how the concept “endless is more” will affect the future of design.

October 5-7: SXSW Eco 2015

The annual SXSW Eco conference held in Austin, Texas, will take place October 5-7 at the Austin Convention Center.

Nate Smelle Shares Cradle to Cradle Inspiration

Inspired by Cradle to Cradle, writer Nate Smelle enhanced his garden design by simply leaving more host plants like milkweed in his garden. This made all the difference for not only Smelle, but all living things that benefited from the garden.